Professional Sponge-cake

Professional Sponge-cake

Our range of professional sponge-cake and roll cakes includes various diameters, starting from 3 cm up to 26 cm, in formats of rectangles and squares of various sizes, from 4.5 cm up to 38 x 56 cm. The thicknesses of the sponge-cake vary from 0.7 cm to 4 cm. Our core product is the roll cake of h 0.7 or 0.9 cm, with a fluffy texture and easy to roll to create exquisite desserts of haute patisserie. All these products exist in two versions, natural and cocoa-flavoured. Some also have a coffee-flavoured version, or come in different colours, for example mimosa-yellow, to make cakes for Women’s Day. Have a look through our professional catalogue and you will be amazed at the variety of sponge-cakes and roll cakes we have to offer.

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