Our story

The story of BHB Big House Brothers:
it all began in the period after the war,
when they were up to their elbows in flour

“We owe a great deal to those who came before us, to our parents and to our grandparents before them. We are the result of their hard work and their passions, of the resourcefulness and imagination that they drew upon to face the hardships of every day of their life. BHB’s story began in the postwar period when my grandfather and grandmother were honeymooning on their bicycles. One day they stopped for a picnic and there on the grass, as if entrusting themselves to fate, they tossed a coin up into the air and the result shaped their lives for the rest of their days, leading them to open a bakery in the place of a shoe factory: life is made up also of these magic moments”.

Mauro Casagrande

Curiosity and talent:
a sound legacy

“Also my father and my mother worked in that bakery when they were really young – they were respectively fourteen and twelve years old when they first met. Together they had fun making the focaccia bread. Over time, my father became a Master Patissier and as well as making bread, he started to make traditional cakes, every now and then experimenting with new solutions. We have inherited these two qualities – curiosity and talent – that our mother knew how to make the most of, also from a marketing viewpoint, proposing these delicacies over the counter as something special, the work of continually evolving artisan expertise”.

Mauro Casagrande

Bhb Big House Brothers:
an ever-evolving story

“This story, as all good stories, has continued. Since we were little myself, Giovanna and Italo have breathed the fragrances and the aromas of this wonderful trade and together we have continued to develop the family vocation, creating BHB Big House Brothers.
As happened for our grandparents, also for us fate played an important role: a wager with two close friends of ours – Ivano and Achille – and we took up the challenge. We have become specialized in the production of sponge-cake for the catering industries, emerging as a leader in this sector. Today we represent an excellent dimension on the market, with our history of real people, aromas and flavours behind us and which is accompanying us still today”.

Mauro Casagrande

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