Business name: Big House Brothers. srl
Legal and Administrative offices: Via Luigi Negrelli 4 31038 Paese (TV) Italia
Tax code: 04682750262
VAT number: 04682750262
Register of Companies: Treviso
Social capital € 400.000 i.v.
R.E.A.: CT-000000


Big House Brothers. srl

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Big House Brothers. srl

Via Luigi Negrelli 4 31038 Paese (TV) Italia

Tel +39 0422 1724585 Fax +39 0422 1724547

B.H.B. srl
Via Luigi Negrelli 4
31038 Paese (TV) Italia
T +39 0422 1724585
F +39 0422 1724547

Registro Imprese di Treviso,
C.F. e P.IVA 04682750262
Capitale sociale € 400.000 i.v.

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