Gluten-free sponge-cake, even lighter without affecting the taste

BHB is committed to developing innovative products such as sponge-cake without emulsifiers, ever more attentive to the quality of the ingredients. The new frontiers are products that are free from gluten and lactose.
Our BHB gluten-free sponge-cake was created because we wanted to satisfy the new tendencies in food which are increasingly scrupulous with regard to healthy living.
Our gluten-free products are realized mainly for those who suffer from allergies or are intolerant to wheat flour and by-products; notwithstanding this, the characteristics of our products are such that they can be enjoyed by anyone.

We have said ‘no’ to palm oil

Our gluten-free sponge-cake is extremely light and fluffy, perfectly leavened, of a soft texture that melts in the mouth. The ingredients used are fresh and natural: eggs, sugar and cornflour, available in vanilla or cocoa flavours.

We have said ‘no’ to palm oil and hydrogenated fats, and that is why BHB’s gluten-free sponge-cake has only 2% saturated fats and 5% total fats, resulting in reduced lipid amounts without jeopardising the flavour which remains pleasant and tasty. The low amount of sodium, 0.2%, makes our product ideal for those who are mindful of healthy living and watching their figure.

Sponge-cake for dessert,
the perfect base for
creativity in the kitchen

We have a vast line of products based on sponge-cake without gluten. BHB’s gluten-free products are many and varied, ably designed and created to satisfy the most demanding of palates and fantasies.





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