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We produce sponge-cake

BHB’s core product is sponge-cake.
This protagonist is highly appreciated by companies and consumers alike, not only for its excellent quality but also for the forms with which it is proposed: a basic cake design with an inviting and up-to-date image.
BHB’s galvanizing strength is in its youthful, dynamic approach, able to anticipate the trends which progressively emerge in the constantly changing world of confectionery production. This flexibility comes from years of experience in the production of sponge-cake, making use of the expertise and proficient craftsmanship of the company’s skilled employees.

Quality of the raw ingredients and experience in the manufacturing processes

There are many factors, all of equal importance, contributing to the growing success of BHB. Consider the constant search for raw ingredients of guaranteed quality, the careful attention to the hygiene and health aspects and the implementation of the IFS and BRC certifications, to safeguard clients and consumers. Besides being tasty and genuine, our semi-finished products are convenient and ready-to-use: this means security for our clients, who can then dedicate the time saved to other phases of preparation while capitalizing on the advantages of both quality and quantity.

Right from the beginning, we have decided to say ‘no’ to hydrogenated fats, used widely in this sector. Creating products that are not in keeping with new trends in the catering business oriented towards well-being is not part of our philosophy. By tradition, our products are realized only with raw ingredients of controlled origin. We know very well that quality comes from a natural source, deriving from ingredients obtained with great care from particularly suited areas. The exclusive use of such ingredients constitutes an integral part of our professional approach.

Production of sponge-cake projected towards the future

The instinct for innovation, not resting on our laurels with what we have already achieved, creating new proposals and looking for new solutions to meet the needs of our clients, this is all embedded in our DNA. A novelty is always appealing, and we are the first to collaborate in order to give a competitive boost to our customers. That’s why we pursue our constant experimenting with recipes and products to satisfy the requirements of the market and entice our clients with appealing new products. With regard to production, our philosophy is geared towards respect for the environment, the use of clean technologies and correct waste disposal.
Our expert workers are effectively motivated by the company work ethic, in order to continue to provide a future based on the principles of work and dignity.

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