We have updated our traditional bakery products, such as sponge-cake, muffins and cupcakes, with a contemporary twist.

Food Design

Natural colours, different shapes of sponge-cake and roll cake.

BHB Dessert sponge-cake

A new tradition in cookery

a line of products designed for traditional bakeries, confectionery industries, ice-cream shops, as well as the retail market. These products come in various formats and thicknesses to satisfy any needs our customers may have in terms of production and realization.

a line of sponge-cake roll, that is 0.7 or 0.9 cm high, in natural flavour, cocoa flavour or coffee flavour, available in various sizes which makes it versatile, soft and rollable, ideal for industrial and home-made baking.

Non solo la ricerca di sapori autentici, ma anche voglia di bel cibo, raffinato e ben preparato, un piacere per gli occhi.
La linea salata è nata da un impulso nostra fantasia e dal nostro modo di fiutare il mondo prima del mercato.

we produce muffins in different weights and flavours, ranging from the 5 frozen flavours to the room-temperature packs of 4, the practical two-piece pack and the new single portion. We also make muffins for vegans – a muffin to suit every taste.


The gluten-free sponge-cake originates from the desire to create a line of products oriented towards healthy living and well-being, without making any compromises on taste.

BHB si impegna nello sviluppo di prodotti innovativi come il Pan di Spagna senza emulsionanti, con attenzione alla qualità degli ingredienti senza rinunciare al gusto.
Il Pan di Spagna senza glutine nasce dalla volontà di creare una linea di prodotti orientata al benessere e alla salute, senza compromettere il gusto.

Youthful and dynamic spirit

BHB is a constantly expanding company, capable of anticipating market trends. Over the last few years we have substantially increased our presence on the national and international markets as a result of the activity of two plants with a manufacturing capacity of 12,000 tons a year. Our leading product, sponge-cake, is distributed in 32 states and has obtained the IFS, BRC and BIO certificates.

Every year we participate in various national and international trade shows such as SIAL Paris, Gluten Free Expo and PLMA Chicago, with the aim of presenting the “Made in Italy” production of foodstuffs abroad. It goes without saying that taste and quality constitute the core values of our firm, coupled with the element of design, as the way foods are presented also counts – a feast for the eye as well!

BHB’s unmistakable “food design” is expertly reflected through the colours, completely natural, through the shapes of our sponge-cake roll cakes and our wide range of muffins. Thanks to the BHB production lines clients can be assured of the aesthetic and sensorial results, whether these will be appreciated in the most formal settings of the catering industries or in cases of more amateur cuisine.

Our Story

BHB’s story began in the postwar period when our grandparents stopped one day to have a picnic on their honeymoon. Entrusting themselves to fate, they tossed a coin and the result determined that they should open a bakery instead of a shoe factory: life is made up of these moments of magic, too!

Mauro, Giovanna and Italo are the Big House brothers of BHB. Our company today is the result of the efforts and the dedication of our parents and our grandparents.


BHB is a company that is progressively expanding; over the years we have increased our presence on the international scene, distributing our sponge-cake in 32 different countries.

The “food design” of BHB emerges through the natural colours and various different shapes of our roll cakes. This guarantees an excellent result in terms of the look of the product as well as its taste, both for the catering industries and for amateur chefs.

With the approach and expertise of tailors, BHB packages its products with customized compositions that carefully personalize clients’ creations in an original and attractive way, considering the specific needs of each one.


Our production line is oriented towards the quality of the semi-finished product, in order to guarantee a lasting sponge-cake, with no surprises so as to ensure optimum client satisfaction with the end product.

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